With so much going on during relocation, it’s easy to forget about our home’s floors until it’s too late. The fact of the matter is that moving is hard on all types of floors, from wood to carpet—and taking the steps to protect them from damage should be at the top of your list of priorities before moving day arrives.

As a top-rated Ventura moving company, our team at Hilford Moving & Storage understands how important it is to keep our customer’s property well-protected during the moving process. That’s why we’ve made floor protection one of our top priorities, with state-of-the-art solutions and proven techniques to ensure that your home is free from scuffing and other damage during relocation. 

If you’re planning on relocating soon and want to avoid inflicting costly damage to your floors, here are our top three tips for protecting them during a move, brought to you by our relocation experts at Hilford Moving & Storage.

Move in Good Weather

There’s a reason why most Americans relocate over the summer, especially our California movers on the West Coast—and it’s not just because school’s out. During the months of May, June, July, and August, the weather is dry and more predictable—which means better weather for moving. 

Moving in the rain can be devastating for your floors, no matter how hard you try and protect them. If it’s raining on moving day, it’s a good idea to wait it out if you can to avoid a costly mess and irreparable damage to your floors. If you can’t wait, it’s even more important to take extra precautions to protect your floors as best you can—or to call professional moving services to help.

Get Out the Tape Measure 

Be sure to measure your furniture and doorways before a move. When people skip this stepthey run the risk of overestimating the size of door frames and underestimating the size of furniture, which usually leads to furniture dropping, floor scuffing and denting, and horrible damage to doorways. Measuring will allow for a smoother and more streamlined transfer of belongings, preventing further damage to your doorways, room areas, and floors around your property’s entrances. 

Don’t Drag, Push, or Pull

It’s one of the cardinal rules for professional moving companies around the country—don’t drag, push, or pull anything! All of your belongings should be lifted—regardless of whether it’s a lightbox of clothing, a garbage bag filled with random odds and ends, or a heavy piano. 

The one exception to the rule has to do with items on wheels. If your item has wheels, then it can probably be pushed safely depending on the size and weight of the object. Rent or buy a dolly if you don’t already have one to push boxes and heavier items through your home, making sure to roll as slowly and gently as possible. A heavy piano on wheels, for example, will probably still need to be lifted to avoid inflicting damage to your floors and walls, and preferably by a team of professional, experienced movers. 

Cover Your Floors 

Another important rule for protecting your floors during a move is to cover them. Our team recommends using cardboard, plywood, plastic, or any other thick material you can trust not to rip. Covering your floors will also keep dirt off of your floor areas and prevent scuff marks and other damage in your old home as well as the new one you’re moving into. 

Get Professional Movers to Help

Professional movers will make sure your floors are properly covered and protected during the moving process. At Hilford Moving & Storage, for example, our highly qualified Ventura long-distance movers use a variety of innovative tools like furniture slides, ram boards, ramps and other equipment, to ensure the proper transfer of your belongings and the protection of your entire home. 

Moving can be hard and complicated, and hiring professional movers to plan, organize, and execute a successful relocation can save you a lot of time, headaches, and stress. At Hilford Moving & Storage, we provide exceptional Ventura moving and storage services, taking over for you so you can focus on adapting to your new life in a new home. 

To learn more about our moving services at Hilford Moving & Storage, give us a call to speak to one of our friendly representatives about your relocation needs. You can also fill out an online form if you’d like to get started now by scheduling a free, in-home, no-obligation pricing estimate for your move.

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