You’ve settled on a destination, and now it’s time to talk storage and relocation! In Santa Barbara, home and business owners are strongly advised to set up a moving budget far in advance of the big day. The Santa Barbara moving experts here at Hilford Moving & Storage explain that the further in advance you plan your budget, the more options will be available to you … and the easier it will be to keep costs down, whether you’re doing a DIY move or hiring Santa Barbara movers!

Santa Barbara Moving Experts Agree: Make a Spreadsheet!

All Ventura County moving experts agree that your first step when planning your budget should be creating a spreadsheet.  We recommend using a spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, because it can be easily edited to add more columns and rows if things end up changing. You can also use formulas to easily tally all costs associated with rentals, equipment, and hiring your chosen Santa Barbara movers

Make sure you include all necessary costs associated with storage and relocation in Oxnard, CA

Determine Which Services for Storage and Relocation in Santa Barbara You’ll Need

Now is the time to decide which services for storage and relocation in Santa Barbara you’ll need. Determine whether you’ll be moving yourself or hiring Santa Barbara movers. You’ll now be presented with a unique set of expenses depending on your decision. 

Consider the following expenses when hiring Central California movers:

  • Labor 
  • Specialized services (piano moving, appliance preparation, etc…)
  • Insurance
  • Unexpected costs (multiple sets of stairs, long-distance moves, etc…)
  • Packing/unpacking costs

Most movers in Santa Barbara will give you a free in-home estimate that will help you to determine your exact budget. It’s always a good idea to shop around a bit before settling on your eventual moving company.

Consider the following expenses when completing a DIY move:

  • Truck rental (include gas and mileage)
  • Packing materials (boxes, tape, markers, labels, padding, bubble wrap, mattress covers)
  • Child and pet-care
  • Moving equipment (dollies, ropes, pads, etc.…)

Our Ventura movers suggest that you add another 5% to your final total, just in case you stumble upon an unexpected expense. And hey, if you don’t need it? Buy something nice for your new home!

If you want to learn more about how to design a custom moving package to meet your relocation requirements and budget, call the experienced Santa Barbara movers at Hilford Moving & Storage! We’ll give you a free, no-obligation in-home estimate that will answer all your questions and outline the breadth of our services. Call to book yours today!

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