We watched, along with the rest of the country, with great sadness as the Thomas Fire raged for more than a month. The largest fire in California history was finally 100% contained on January 12th, but not before claiming 15 lives and 2,800 buildings and destroying 280,000 acres. 

It is still not known how this devastating fire began but, as is often the case with such tragedies, it shone a bright light on some of the bravest and most compassionate in our community—including the firefighters and the many individuals who stepped in to provide assistance to their neighbors. We mourn the lives lost and celebrate those who went above and beyond the call of duty to prevent further losses. 

The team at our Ventura moving company keeps our vigil as the after-effects, such as mudslides and flooding, continue to ravage the affected areas.  Like many businesses, Hilford Moving & Storage stayed open to serve those who needed help most. Our Ventura movers answered every call to provide efficient services to families and businesses that needed to quickly leave the area—and we remain on duty as the post-fire crisis continues. 

Our Ojai moving company has been part of this community since 1928, so it’s been particularly difficult to watch our long-time neighbors endure such hardship. Through it all, we’ve tried to offer caring services for those most directly affected. 

The Santa Barbara movers and Ojai movers who remained on-call during these crises are proud to have been able to offer some assistance and, hopefully, a small bit of comfort, to those who needed it. We’ll continue to answer the calls of those who need quick residential moving services

The Hilford Moving & Storage family’s heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered losses and who are now working to rebuild their lives.We’ll continue, as we have for 90 years, to serve this community in any way we can.

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